Call for applications for researcher grants under the work programme of the joint European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP) (2011/C 99/04).
Notice is hereby given of the launch of a call for applications for researcher grants under the work programme of the European Metrology Research Programme. Applications are invited from 31 March 2011 for:

  • Stage 3 of the call on behalf of the JRP-consortia for researcher excellence grants (REG) and researcher mobility grants (RMG).

EMRP researcher grant opportunities are linked to joint research projects (JRPs) funded under:

  • EMRP Call 2009 – Energy,
  • EMRP Call 2010 – Industry & Environment.

Deadline 6 May 2011

ICT-PSP 5th Call – Objective 1.2 “ICT for energy efficiency in public buildings”. The CIP ICT-PSP 5th call for proposals is now open until 1 June 2011. ICT PSP aims at stimulating innovation and competitiveness through wider uptake and best use of ICT by citizens, governments and businesses. Objective 1.2 on “ICT for energy efficiency in public buildings” intends to improve energy efficiency in European public buildings through ICT-based solutions. Several pilots will be funded up to the maximum budget allocated of 7 million euros. Pilot actions should aim to demonstrate that advanced ICT components and systems (e.g. smart metering, smart lighting, power electronics, energy micro-generation, etc.) can contribute directly to reducing energy losses and consumption in public buildings. Budget 115.5 million Euro Deadline: 1 June 2011

CIP (2007-2013): Invito a presentare proposte – Building the capacity of investment actors to analyse and use environmental, social and governance information 5/G/ENT/CIP/11/E/N02S003. Il presente invito a presentare proposte nell’ambito del Programma quadro per la competitività e l’innovazione ha come obiettivo il miglioramento della risposta del mercato alle imprese sostenibili e socialmente responsabili, incoraggiando, in tal modo, la transizione verso un’economia sostenibile.Nello specifico, attraverso questa azione si vuole rafforzare la capacità dei principali attori del settore degli investimenti di integrare più efficacemente le informazioni sociali, ambientali e di governante alle loro valutazioni sulle imprese. Questo bando vuole essere anche un’opportunità per la comunità degli investitori di allineare ulteriormente le loro pratiche alle prospettive e alle indicazione delle politiche comunitarie. Budget 250.000 Deadline 20-05-2011

CALL FOR PROPOSALS — No 6/G/ENT/CIP/10/E/N01C21 European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs (2011/C 96/06).This initiative will offer expert mentoring to women entrepreneurs, to help them keep new businesses going during their first, very challenging years. The plan is to set up national networks of mentors for women entrepreneurs in at least 15 countries. Together, these will form the European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs. Budget EUR 1 000 000 Deadline 20 April 2011

SPECIFIC CALL FOR PROPOSALS — EAC/16/11 Erasmus University Charter 2012 (2011/C 99/05) Deadline  25 May 2011.

4 April 2011, Brussels, Belgium. Study “Towards a Future Internet – Interrelation between Technological, Social and Economic Trends” – Impacts on the European Digital Agenda.
The purpose of this workshop is to take stock from the findings of a 20-months study carried out by the Oxford Internet Institute for the European Commission. The study aims at understanding the interrelations between technological, social and economic aspects of the Future Internet. The conclusions of the study will be presented and discussed in the context of the Digital Agenda for Europe. In particular the workshop will look at how these conclusions could help to shape the next ICT workprogramme and overall research priorities.

12 – 14 April 2011, Brussels, Belgium EU Sustainable Energy Week. The EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) is organised by the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI) on behalf of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy. 443 Energy Days across Europe and 133 events are organised in the heart of Brussels around the theme of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in Europe. Like in the past years the Information Society and Media Directorate General of the European Commission contributes to the EU Sustainable Energy Week to raise visibility on the key role played by ICT in the Energy Efficiency field.

19 – 20 April 2011, Budapest, Hungary. Conference on the future of the Audiovisual Industry. The overall aim of the event is to provide a forum for discussions about key elements of the online content industry’s competitiveness, such as copyright, business models and social and cultural aspects, including archives in the digital era, by bringing together decision-makers and stakeholders. Finding the right balance between increasing market competition and sustaining cultural diversity shall be in the focus of the event. The conference also provides an outstanding opportunity to present challenges related to social issues: accessibility to digital content (citizens) and the increase of the number of digitally literate people with the help of audiovisual tools.

European Commission launches a consultation on the eHealth Action Plan (eHAP) 2012-2020 (deadline 25/05 16:00 Brussels time).
This second eHealth action plan (eHAP) provides an opportunity to consolidate the actions which have been addressed to date, take them a step further where possible and provide a longer term vision for eHealth in Europe, in the context the EU 2020 Strategy, the Digital Agenda for Europe as well as Innovation Union and its associated European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing. The consultation is open during 8 weeks.


1 – 3 June 2011 Heraklion, Greece. Fifth Workshop on Information Security Theory and Practice.
Technical enhancements of mobile network infrastructures and the availability of powerful mobile devices are rapidly changing the way in which users interact and communicate in everyday life. These devices include but are not limited to personal digital assistants, mobile phone, smart card, wireless sensors and radio-frequency identification tags. Among common features of these devices are constraint resources and wireless communications.

12 – 13 May 2011 Warsaw, Poland. Annual conference of the European Trade Association of Research and Technology Organisations. Research and technology organisations (RTOs) are specialised knowledge organisations dedicated to the development and transfer of science and technology to the benefit of the economy and society. RTOs build bridges between basic research and industrial applications. They also contribute to strengthening Europe’s economic performance by supporting product and process innovation and technologies which contribute to improved living standards and higher quality of life.

31 October – 3 November 2011 Brussels, Belgium.Third International Workshop on Model-Driven Service Engineering. Model-driven engineering (MDE) concerns the provision of models, transformations between them and code generators to address software development. One of the main advantages of a model-driven approach is the provision of a conceptual structure where the models used by business managers and analysts can be traced towards more detailed models used by software developers. This kind of alignment between high level business specifications and the lower level service-oriented architectures (SOA) is a crucial aspect in the field of service-oriented development (SOD).

New ERC initiative gives researchers extra incentive and support
. Innovation is high on the EU agenda, and the European Research Council (ERC) is helping secure this target by introducing a new funding initiative called ‘Proof of Concept’. Under this new initiative, funded under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), researchers who have already secured ERC grants could receive up to EUR 150,000 each to bring their research much closer to market. The ERC, Europe’s funding body designed to support investigator-driven frontier research, is fuelling scientific excellence by encouraging researchers to think outside the box and take their projects to levels they would not have considered before.

Study on the future of European technology providers in the global telecommunications market – SMART 2011/0042.
This study aims at achieving two interrelated objectives. The first objective is to provide a detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of the ongoing trends of the worldwide telecommunications infrastructure market regarding the restructuring of the sector supply and value chains, as well as the evolution of the demand. The analysis of the supply and value chains should encompass the equipment and service components level, and take into account the whole telecommunications network ecosystem. The increasing importance of the integration of technological innovations in order to deliver new systems and new types of services should also be considered. Budget 350 000 EUR Deadline: 12 May 2011

Call for proposals under the 2011 Ideas work programme of the seventh EC framework programme for research, technological development and demonstration activities (2011/C 96/07) ERC-2011-PoC Budget: € 10 000 000 Deadlines: 15 June 2011


Bando MiSE – Internazionalizzazione aggregazioni interregionali di imprese artigiane.
Vista la disponibilità di ulteriori fondi, il Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico ha disposto l’apertura di un bando per la presentazione di progetti di promozione all’estero di prodotti o servizi, presentati da aggregazioni interregionali di imprese artigiane. La FINALITA’ è: Favorire l’internazionalizzazione delle imprese artigiane, attraverso un intervento che faciliti il superamento delle difficoltà sui mercati esteri, stimolando processi di aggregazione dell’imprenditoria artigiana a livello nazionale. Dealdine 26-04-2011

Bando per il progetto ‘Testbed for future internet services’. Il progetto Tefis (‘Testbed for future internet services project’), finanziato dall’UE, ha pubblicato un bando per tre nuovi partner di progetto. Il bando è per nuovi esperimenti intesi a condurre test orchestrati in molteplici banchi di prova eterogenei. Gli esperimenti proporranno scenari di uso che impieghino almeno 2 delle tre strutture fornite da Tefis:

  • PlanetLab – valutazione di protocolli di rete e servizi in rete su Internet;
  • PACA Grid – risorse computazionali;
  • ETICS (‘eInfrastructure for testing, integration and configuration of software’) – per migliorare la qualità e l’affidabilità dei sistemi distribuiti;
  • Botnia Living Lab – coinvolgimento degli utenti finali nello sviluppo di prodotti e servizi;
  • IMS (internet protocol multimedia subsystem) testbed – convalidare e testare applicazioni su IMS;
  • Kyatera – valutazione del rendimento di rete.

Budget euro 731.000 Deadline 11-05-2011


The competition to name the new EU Research and Innovation Programme
. The European Commission has launched a competition ‘You name it!’ to name the new EU Research and Innovation Programme after 2013. The Commission is looking for a new name and enlisting the help of distinguished judges to draw up a shortlist of possibilities from the suggestions received. Those will then be put to an online vote. The deadline is on 10 May 2011. The winner will get an expenses paid trip to the European Innovation Convention, which will take place in Brussels at the end of this year, and he or she will meet the Commissioner and other leading political, scientific and business figures.


Objective: To develop ad-hoc applications to exploit to the maximum extend the capabilities of Alphasat. The new mobile terminals and services being introduced as part of Alphasat together with the improved bandwidth availability create possibilities for a whole range of new applications. Price Range > 500 KEURO Deadline  26/05/2011

SPACE-BASED ADS-B PAYLOAD DEVELOPMENT FOR AIR TRAFFIC SURVEILLANCE. The objective of the activity is to procure an ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) payload for the reception and processing of air traffic ADS-B signals on an In-Orbit Demonstration mission. The payload shall comprise at least an ADS-B receiver, anadequate antenna, data storage and processing unit. The ADS-B receiver system shall be qualified according to space environmental conditions. Price Range > 500 KEURO Deadline  12/05/2011


Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio. Manutenzione di un sistema di monitoraggio per la verifica e controllo ambientale per le emergenze ed i siti di bonifica di interesse nazionale
. Budget € 731.200. Deadline 5 maggio 2011.


Semplificazione burocratica del rapporto tra imprese e p.a..
Inizieranno presto ad essere operative alcune delle indicazioni del DPR 7 settembre 2010, n. 160, con la previsione di un unico soggetto pubblico territoriale di riferimento per le imprese e con l’informatizzazione delle procedure.“L’iniziativa economica privata è libera” – lo afferma l’art. 41 della nostra Costituzione da oltre sessant’anni – ma non è certo esente da impicci e pasticci burocratici, legati alla pluralità di interlocutori ai quali tale attività è costretta a rivolgersi e capaci di dilungare o addirittura rendere incerti i tempi d’avvio della stessa attività economica.

L’Italia dà il benvenuto ai micro-pagamenti via cellulare. Con Mobile Pass di Telecom il biglietto del bus si paga col “portafoglio elettronico”. I micro pagamenti stanno finalmente prendendo piede nel nostro Paese dopo anni di chiacchiere in merito. A brevissimo sarà possibile finalmente poter pagare piccole somme di denaro senza la necessità di ricorrere né a denaro contante né alla carta di credito. Sfruttando la tecnologia contact less basterà sfiorare un apparecchio elettronico per autorizzare pagamenti e innescare una transazione economica sicura.

Gruppi d’impresa: dal distretto alla Rete. Il sistema imprenditoriale italiano risponde ai mutamenti dettati dal nuovo contesto competitivo e dall’introduzione delle moderne tecnologie dell’informazione attraverso innovativi modelli organizzativi. L’unione fa la forza. Un concetto elementare ma, per anni, sconosciuto alle piccole e medie imprese italiane. Il concetto di distretto industriale? Roba vecchia, inutile di fronte ad un mondo che, anche se ancora rallentato dal perdurare della crisi, dall’instabilità politica e sociale e pure dalle catastrofi naturali, continua a correre a mille all’ora.