AIUTI:UE, SI’ A 2,4 MILIARDI DI EURO IN CREDITO D’IMPOSTA PER LA SICILIA .La Commissione europea ha autorizzato, sulla base delle norme sugli aiuti di Stato del trattato CE, un regime italiano d’agevolazioni nella forma di crediti d’imposta destinato a sostenere, con un bilancio totale di 2,4 miliardi di euro fra il 2009 e il 2013, investimenti iniziali in Sicilia per la promozione dello sviluppo regionale


Free movement of goods within the EU made easier.Clearer rights to information means that economic operators should now find it easier to trade their goods between Member States. Under a recent Regulation, goods which should be accepted onto other Member States’ markets on the basis of mutual recognition should now face fewer barriers. An updated guide to the provisions on free movement of goods provides an insight into past developments and new challenges in this area.

ICT sector to lead the way on climate and energy targets, says European Commission. The European Commission today called on Europe’s information and communication technologies (ICT) industry to outline by 2011 the practical steps it will take to become 20% more energy efficient by 2015. ICT equipment and services alone account for about 8% of electrical power used in the EU and about 2% of carbon emissions.

Public hearing and consultation on Post-i2010: priorities for a new strategy for a European information society (2010-2015).The upcoming challenges for Digital Europe are raised in a public consultation “Post-i2010: priorities for a new strategy for a European information society (2010-2015)”, open until 9 October 2009 and available now in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish. The consultation will contribute to the preparations of a new European ICT strategy which the Commission aims to present in 2010 as part of the next wave of the Lisbon Agenda.

Call for Tender: measurement and analysis of knowledge and R&D exploitation flows, assessed by patent and licensing data.The main aim of this contract is to contribute to building up a system capable of monitoring R&D exploitation flows in Europe and between Europe and the rest of the world, and within the private sector as well as between the public and private sectors. The system should be able to measure knowledge- and technology-sharing inside countries, across Europe and beyond.To this end, the contractor will collect and update patent and licensing data and construct a series of indicators for knowledge flows (knowledge diffusion) from research to the technology and business sectors, based on patent and licensing data and indicators, using internationally-accepted methodologies.Budget Range: between 675 000 and 825 000 EUR;jsessionid=FB5AB5B239F0D9470768A28081AB9D71.instance_1?DataFlow=N_one_doc_access.dfl&Template=TED/N_one_result_detail_curr.htm&docnumber=266986-2009&docId=266986-2009&StatLang=EN

CALL FOR PROPOSALS — EACEA/24/09 MEDIA — Promotion/Access to the Market (2009/C 240/05)Budget EUR 1 700 000 Deadline 7 December 2009

CALL FOR PROPOSALS — EACEA/25/09 Action 4.1 — Support for bodies active at European level in the field of youth (2009/C 241/10) Budget EUR 1 400 000 dealdine

Call for tender: Multiple Framework Contracts for the Provision of Information and Communicating Services to DG Information Society and Media. This open Call for Tenders aims to secure the external professional expertise and technical assistance required by the European Commission, and primarily by its Information Society and Media Directorate General, in order to pursue its information and communications activities. The intention is to select a range of specialised contractors (or consortia led by a main contractor), most suited for delivery of the wide variety of specialised support services sought. Deadline: 19 November 2009

Call for Tender: Study on impact of FET research initiatives – SMART 2009/0052. The study should create a well-founded methodology for impact assessment that can be applied to research initiatives as set out in one of the work programmes and embodied by the projects funded in such areas. Such an assessment should establish, in particular, to what extent the funding given out by FET has resulted in technological and scientific breakthroughs, changes in the research landscape and environment, (re)structuring of scientific communities (e.g. new interdisciplinary links), and changes in national or international research programmes.Deadline: 4 November 2009

Call for Tender: Study on FET flagship initiatives – SMART 2009/0051.Europe requires a sustained scientific effort at the boundaries between ICT and other disciplines to address today’s socio-economic challenges and to gain technologically competitive advantages. As part of the new strategy on research described in the communication “Moving the ICT frontiers – a strategy for research on future and emerging technologies in Europe”, the Commission proposes to launch FET flagships. FET-Fs should mobilise the necessary critical mass, integrate fragmented research efforts around science-driven, goal-oriented and large–scale multidisciplinary ‘research flagship initiatives’. FET-Fs should be ambitious; they should be conceived as tackling technological and scientific challenges taking inspiration in previous efforts like “the man on the moon”, “the conquest of cancer” or “Japan’s 5th generation computer”. Deadline: 4 November 2009

Calls for Tenders – Monitoring study regarding the State aid framework for research, development and innovation.The objective of the study is to provide relevant data and analysis on the operation (to date) and the impact of the revised Community framework for State aid for research and development and innovation. Deadline: 16 November 2009

20 November 2009, Brussels, Belgium. European e-Skills Conference.The European e-Skills conference will address: The crucial importance of ICT professionalism for the EU economy and society; The progress of the implementation of the e-skills strategy and projects; The road ahead for a coordinated strategy to foster ICT professionalism, e-skills and innovation for economic recovery. The conference is organised by the European Commission and the European Economic Social Committee in partnership with CEPIS and in cooperation with the e-Skills Industry Leadership Board.

18 – 21 May 2010, Paris, France.Hit Paris 2010 Congress and Exhibition.The Congress is programmed in collaboration with a multidisciplinary scientific committee and with the support of a steering committee consisting of French and European hospital federations, conferences of CME (medical establishment committee) Directors and Presidents, industry federations, Ministry spokespersons, and private practice representatives.

22 – 23 October 2009 Pula, Italy.Investing and partnering forum,.An investing and partnering forum focused on the biomedicine and information and communication technology (ICT) sectors.The aim of the event is to promote science and technology partnerships between local enterprises, research centres and foreign counterparts. In addition to the host country, forum participants are expected to include representatives of companies, agencies and research centres from Canada, China, the United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, USA, Japan, India, Israel, the United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.


Call for proposals under the 2010 work programme ‘People’ of the 7th EC Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities (2009/C 242/03) Marie Curie FP7-PEOPLE-2010-RG – Reintegration Grants Budget: € 32 000 000 Deadlines: 07 September 2010 and 09 March 2010

Information and Communication Technologies Calls: 2009/S 192- 275504 -Impact of FET Research Initiatives. Identifier: 2009/S 192- 275504. The subject of the contract is the creation of a methodology for impact assessment of FET research initiatives, and 2 pilot assessments of the areas bio-inspired ICT and quantum information processing and communication.Budget: € 250 000 Deadline: 04 November 2009

Information and Communication Technologies Calls: 2009/S 192- 575503.FET Flagships Initiatives. Identifier: 2009/S 192- 575503. The study is expected to produce a design, operational, assessment and legal framework for FET flagships and to apply the framework to 2 candidate FET-Fs. This framework should be based on the lessons learnt from studying and analysing similar initiatives and by building candidate flagships proposed by the ISTAG FET Working Group. Budget: € 300 000 Deadline: 04 November 2009


Nasce l’Associazione Italiana Broker Tecnologici. È on line il sito dell’Associazione Italiana Broker Tecnologici (AIBT), che si pone l’obiettivo di rafforzare la qualificazione dei professionisti del settore, di codificare le procedure adottate nelle attività di trasferimento tecnologico e di fare rete.