Last week ’s News,  Events and Funding opportunities on Environment and Security

16 – 18 June 2010, Sevilla, Spain. Future eHealth leaders Summer Camp
.This is an opportunity to develop an understanding of what eHealth can bring to healthcare systems, enhance personal leadership skills and expand professional networks. This event will gather ambitious young professionals in the field. Future eHealth Leaders is an initiative supported by healthcare providers, eHealth organisations and companies.

11 – 12 May 2010, Brussels, Belgium.2010 ETP Conference – Working together on societal challenges. This conference will enable European Technology Platforms (ETPs) to discuss opportunities to collaborate in addressing societal challenges and to exchange experiences and best practices on innovation.

6 – 7 May 2010, Berlin, Germany. 5th Conference on eServices in European Civil Registration.This conference will offer a platform to discuss present and future challenges of European population registration with representatives from local, national and EU administrations and cooperating economies. Among the key topics: national eIdentity initiatives in Europe, privacy protection innovations and unique identifiers in population registration, eGovernment policy and efficiency across Europe.

14 May 2010, Shanghai, China. ICTs: Building the green city of the future.The theme of the Shanghai World Expo 2010 is: “Better City, Better Life”, referring to the common wish for better living standards in future urban environments. Through different sub-themes, Expo 2010 will create blueprints for future cities and harmonious urban life styles. Smart buildings, smart grids that will create greater energy efficiency, intelligent transport systems that can get our cities moving again, multimedia conferencing systems and teleworking technologies that will reduce travel : ICTs have an important role in urban sustainability. ITU is working on many fronts to foster the use of green ICTs to reduce green house gases.

12 – 14 May 2010, São Paulo, Brazil. Ethos International Conference /Sustainable Technologies Exhibition. The Sustainable Technologies Exhibition has the objective of gathering and providing information and knowledge on the available sustainable technologies, in order to encourage their development, production and use by individuals as well as public and private organizations. “Sustainable technologies” include economically feasible methodologies, techniques, systems, equipment or processes that can be produced and applied to minimize negative and promote positive impacts on the environment, on people’s quality of life and on a socio-environmentally sustainable development.

Aperto il terzo invito a presentare proposte nell’ambito del programma Central Europe.
Il programma Central Europe si propone di rafforzare la coesione territoriale, promuovere l’integrazione interna e rafforzare la competitività dell Europa Centrale: 1. migliorando la competitività dell area rafforzando l’innovazione e le strutture per l accessibilità; 2. promuovendo uno sviluppo territoriale bilanciato e sostenibile rafforzando la qualità dell’ambiente e sviluppando città e regioni attraenti nell’ Europa Centrale.   Deadline   07-05-2010

Bando di concorso generale EPSO/AD/177/10 Amministratori (AD 5). L’Ufficio europeo di selezione del personale (EPSO) organizza test di accesso preliminari e un concorso generale per esami, al fine di costituire elenchi di riserva per l’assunzione di amministratori nei seguenti settori: Amministrazione Pubblica Europea, Diritto, Economia, Audit, Tecnologie dell’informazione e della comunicazione (TIC) Deadline   15-04-2010

Open call in Intelligent Energy Europe programme (2010/C 78/03).The European Commission has opened a new call for proposals within the programme ‘Intelligent Energy Europe’. Any public or private organisation from the EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Croatia can apply. Only online applications are possible. Budget € 56million, supporting up to 75% of the eligible project costs. Deadline 24th June 2010.

MEDIA 2007 Call for proposals — EACEA/04/10 Support for the implementation of Pilot Projects (2010/C 73/07). The programme may support pilot projects to ensure that it adapts to market developments, with a particular emphasis on the introduction and utilisation of information and communication technologies. EUR 1,5 million Deadline 14 June 2010

European Tourist Destinations of Excellence. The overall objective of this call for proposals is to draw attention to the value, diversity and shared characteristics of European tourist destinations and to promote destinations where the economic growth objective is pursued in such a way as to ensure the social, cultural and environmental sustainability of tourism. Deadline: 21 May 2010

Call for proposals — EACEA/05/10 Support to Video on Demand and Digital Cinema Distribution (2010/C 73/08). Rights holders are encouraged to form consortia and platforms providing end-users with access to a significant number of European audiovisual works. Two types of services targeting two different types of audience are foreseen:

  • one aimed at the general audience through “video on demand” services (Business to Consumers),
  • one aimed at cinema exhibitors offering “digital cinema distribution” to their audience (Business to Business).

Budget EUR 7 million Deadline 21 June 2010

Raccolta di dati e altri servizi per il sistema di monitoraggio del mercato dell’energia. Nel contesto dell’agevolazione dell’ulteriore integrazione effettiva del mercato comunitario interno dell’energia e dell’assicurazione della sicurezza dell’approvvigionamento energetico, la Commissione europea ha stabilito un sistema di monitoraggio del mercato dell’energia (EMOS), al fine di supportare le proprie attività di monitoraggio del mercato dell’energia.Deadline 30-04-2010

The ACCESSIBLE project aims to improve the accessibility of software development products, by introducing a harmonised accessibility methodology into accessible software development processes, using significantly better measurement strategies, methodologies, etc. The project has launched an open call for experts for supporting the evaluation of the envisaged project results. Candidates will preferably be public bodies, representatives of software development organisations and SMEs, industrial organisations, accessibility consultants, developers, designers, testers, and other interest organisations and researchers. Deadline         30-04-2010

CALL FOR PROPOSALS EACEA/10/10 UNDER THE LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME. Support for European cooperation in education and training (2010/C 73/09) Part A — Raising national awareness of lifelong learning strategies and of European cooperation in education and training Part B — Support for transnational cooperation in the development and implementation of national and regional lifelong learning strategies. Budget EUR 2,8 million Deadline 16 July 2010

New technologies for people with reduced motor capabilities –
AsTeRICS research project launched. AsTeRICS will provide a flexible and affordable construction set for realising user-driven assistive technologies by combining emerging sensor techniques like Brain-Computer Interfaces and computer vision with basic actuators. The new technologies will allow people with reduced motor capabilities to access different devices like PCs, cell phones and smart home devices.

Commission launches consultation on how European Company Statute works. The European Company Statute (SE) gives companies operating in more than one Member State the possibility to reorganise their cross-border business under one European label. This enables them to work within a stable legal framework, reduce the internal costs of operating in several countries and hence be more competitive in the Internal Market. The SE has proved to be very popular in some Member States but it has not taken off in others. In order to determine whether changes are needed to make the SE Statute work better, the European Commission has launched a public consultation. With the review of the SE Statute, the Commission is aiming to increase the use of the SE across the European Union.

Simulation and Virtual Reality to Support Accessible Product Design and Development: new research project launched. The VERITAS (Virtual and Augmented Environments and Realistic User Interactions To achieve Embedded Accessibility DesignS) project aims to ensure that future products and services are being systematically designed for all people including those with disabilities and functional limitations as well as older people. It will develop, validate and assess tools for built-in accessibility support at all stages of ICT and non-ICT product development, including specification, design, development and testing. It will introduce simulation-based and virtual reality testing, utilizing virtual users, at all stages of assistive technologies product design and development. VERITAS is an integrated project under the EU’s 7th Research Framework Programme.

7/14/21 aprile 2010 Bologna. Strumenti per finanziare l’innovazione e il sistema della ricerca
.  Si aprono le iscrizioni per la partecipazione al quarto modulo formativo del progetto INNOVAZIONE ON BOARD 2 dal titolo “STRUMENTI PER FINANZIARE L’INNOVAZIONE E IL SISTEMA DELLA RICERCA”.

Sviluppo Lazio
Contributi a ultrasessantacinquenni per ristrutturare e adeguare la prima casa
. La Regione Lazio concede contributi a fondo perduto a persone con oltre 65 anni di età per la ristrutturazione e l’adeguamento della prima casa.Il contributo regionale è a fondo perduto e copre fino al 30% della spesa ammissibile, relativa a lavori di manutenzione straordinaria, restauro e mantenimento nonché ristrutturazione edilizia.

Un regolamento per l’Altra Economia. La Giunta regionale ha dato il via libera al regolamento attuativo della legge sull’Altra Economia, il cui fine è promuovere un’economia basata sulla valorizzazione delle relazioni tra i soggetti piuttosto che sul capitale, e che sostiene attività come l’agricoltura biologica, la produzione di beni eco-compatibili, il commercio equo e solidale, il consumo critico, la finanza etica, il risparmio energetico e le energie rinnovabili, il riuso e il riciclo dei materiali, i sistemi di scambio non monetari, il software libero e il turismo responsabile.

Decreto Ministeriale del 19 marzo 2010 n. 8. Regole e procedure per l’attuazione del processo di Valutazione Quinquennale della Ricerca relativo al periodo 2004-2008

ESA’s initiative supports water management in Africa
. The ESA’s TIGER initiative, which was launched in 2002 within the context of the Committee of Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS), aimed to help African countries overcome water problems and to bridge Africa’s water information gap using Earth Observation (EO) technology. TIGER has completed its first implementation period (2005-2007) involving more than 150 African institutions through its projects and training activities.[tt_news]=191&tx_ttnews[backPid]=9&cHash=cd806defe99cf4d90a6182c9302ec37b

Nuovo bando EUREKA sulla tecnologia delle comunicazioni.
CELTIC, il cluster di EUREKA sulla tecnologia delle comunicazioni ha lanciato una nuova call for proposals, a 2 step, con  la prima scadenza prevista per il 14 maggio 2010 e la seconda (per chi supera questa prima fase) il 15 ottobre. I progetti dovrebbero partire all’inizio del 2011. E’ previsto un aumento complessivo del budget per questa call intorno a 100-150 milioni di euro. Deadline 14-05-2010

12 – 14 September 2010 Tel-Aviv Israel.The Fifth Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems
. This three-day conference will bring together experts, practitioners, policy makers, and academics from the Mediterranean region working or interested in information systems (IS).

23 March 2010 Brussels, Belgium Conference on ‘European development co-operation to 2020 – post-Copenhagen: practical consequences for Europe’.The event aims to provide parliamentarians and decision makers with information on the practical consequences of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference (COP15) and the ongoing international politics of climate change from an EU perspective.

1 – 2 July 2010.Olten, Switzerland. Conference on methodologies, technologies and tools for e-government. The objective of the conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners who are active in the field of electronic government. Participants will have the opportunity to present innovative methodologies, technologies and tools, share experiences and lessons learned and discuss new challenges.

1 – 4 June 2010 Vienna, Austria. The Third Information Retrieval Facility Symposium. Under the motto ‘benchmarking relevance’, the event will focus on patent searching and retrieval methods and evaluation. It will also offer delegates the opportunity to discover and test prototypical versions of innovative technologies.

Helmholtz Association and FP8 preparation.
Helmholtz Association of German research centres has published its position to and expectations from the future 8th Framework programme for research, technological development and demonstrations.

Ministero Sviluppo Economico
Il Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico ha ammesso ai finanziamenti 104 progetti di innovazione tecnologica,
al termine della valutazione del bando del Progetto di Innovazione Industriale “Nuove tecnologie per il Made in Italy”.Il bando è il terzo “Progetto di Innovazione Industriale” finanziato dal Ministero dopo quelli su “Mobilità Sostenibile” ed “Efficienza Energetica”. Complessivamente, gli incentivi in corso di erogazione ammontano a 570 milioni.

Lombardia: Bando “Innovazione ed efficienza energetica” – 145 milioni di euro per l’acquisto di macchinari e attrezzature.
Per rispondere ai bisogni concreti delle micro e piccole imprese lombarde e incoraggiare gli investimenti in un’ottica di sostenibilità ambientale, il bando “Innovazione ed efficienza energetica” della Regione Lombardia prevede l’assegnazione di contributi a fondo perduto per l’acquisto di macchinari e attrezzature tecnologicamente avanzati, che garantiscano cioè minori consumi specifici di energia e standard di efficienza più elevati, con una diminuzione dell’impatto sull’ambiente. Deadline 30-09-2010