DG ENV is planning to launch its 2009 call for proposals for LIFE+ projects on May 15 2009. Since the LIFE unit anticipates that there are unlikely to be significant changes with respect to the 2008 call, it recommends that potential applicants begin preparing their applications using the 2008 applications package.This is available to download from the LIFE website now. It is important to note however that applicants MUST submit their proposals using the 2009 application forms that will be made available on May 15.In principle, a maximum of EUR 250 million will be available for the 2009 call.


13th March 2009 Brussel. Bringing together donors and managers of environmental projects in developing countries. Auction Floor conference in Brussels


10-11 Settembre 2009 Lecce.Forum Italiano Ambient Assisted Living

Ministero Affari Esteri

La Commissione Europea invita a presentare candidature per Esperti Nazionali Distaccati (END) – Scadenza febbraio 2009




Borse di studio Fulbright – BEST (Business Exchange and Student Training) per Corsi in Entrepreneurship e Management con internship presso aziende negli Stati Uniti (a.a. 2009-2010) Scadenza: 27 febbraio 2009

Secure Force: il 30 gennaio l’incontro di Final Dissemination. SECURE-FORCE è un progetto della Commissione Europea sostenuto da Enterprise Europe Network dedicato alle problematiche della sicurezza ICT a livello globale, che ha avuto inizio nel 2006.


4-5 febbraio 2009 Firenze. La rendicontazione dei progetti europei. Il seminario, organizzato da Eurosportello Confesercenti, offre un percorso formativo completo sui principi e sulla pratica relativa alla rendicontazione dei progetti comunitari a gestione diretta. Oltre al quadro giuridico di riferimento, il programma prevede la trattazione dei vari processi applicabili e del sistema di controllo; fornisce inoltre uno spazio per le esercitazioni e un follow up per l’attività di aggiornamento e supporto a distanza una volta concluso il corso.


Europe’s eye in the sky provides cities with tools for smart development.European cities need reliable and comparable urban planning information for safe, sustainable and prosperous development.This year, for the first time, 185 cities from all 27 EU Member States, will benefit from the “Urban Atlas”, which has been produced by the European Commission and Member States with the support of European space technology.Compiled from thousands of satellite photographs, the Urban Atlas provides detailed and cost-effective digital mapping, ensuring that city planners have the most up-to-date and accurate data available on land use and land cover. The Urban Atlas will enable urban planners to better assess risks and opportunities, ranging from threat of flooding and impact of climate change, to identifying new infrastructure and public transport needs.


7 – 8 May 2009  Prague, Czech Republic.Call for proposals: Research Connection 2009 conference.Scientists, entrepreneurs, industrialists and researchers willing to take on an international challenge are invited to register for this conference.


Mobility for all.ASK-IT is a research project developing a system to aid physically disabled persons in the navigation of European cities. Even simple, non-expensive mobile phones can be used to receive personalised routes and information to improve mobility and provide a greater degree of independence from the help of others.

The European Commission has launched the eYouGuide, a new online tool giving practical advice on the “digital rights” consumers have under EU law.This guide addresses consumer issues, for example: the rights towards your broadband provider, shopping on the web, downloading music, as well as protecting your personal data online and on social networking sites.

Review of the VAT rules on invoicing to reduce burdens on business.The European Commission today adopted a proposal to change the VAT Directive 2006/112/EC in respect to the invoicing rules, based on a Communication on the technological developments in the field of electronic invoicing. The aim is to increase the use of electronic invoicing, reduce burdens on business, support small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and help Member States to tackle fraud. The proposal simplifies, modernises and harmonises the VAT invoicing rules.

ICT and Protection of Critical Infrastructures. This call is framed within the EU programme on “Prevention, Preparedness and Consequence Management of Terrorism and other Security Related Risks” for the period 2007-2013. This programme proposes accompanying financial measures for the implementation of EPCIP (the European Programme on Critical Infrastructure Protection) that is managed and coordinated by the European Commission Directorate General Freedom, Security and Justice.

Commission earmarks €1bn for investment in broadband – Frequently Asked Questions The European Commission aims to achieve 100 % high-speed internet coverage for all citizens by 2010 as part of the European Economic Recovery Plan. € 1 billion has been earmarked today to help rural areas get online, bring new jobs and help businesses grow. On average, 93 % of Europeans can enjoy a high speed online connection but in some countries broadband covers less than half of the rural population (see the table in the annex). Broadband internet connection is expected to create 1 million jobs and boost the EU’s economy by €850 billion between 2006 and 2015.

The Commission proposes € 5 billion new investment in energy and Internet broadband infrastructure in 2009-2010, in support of the EU recovery plan

Rapporto mostra che l’UE è sulla buona strada, ma ristagnano gli investimenti in R&S.I risultati del ‘European Innovation Scoreboard 2008’ (‘Segnapunti dell’innovazione europea 2008’) e del rapporto ‘Science, Technology and Competitiveness key figures report 2008/2009’ (‘Rapporto sui dati chiave di scienza, tecnologia e competitività 2008/2009′) recentemente pubblicati, indicano miglioramenti sostanziali in determinate aree, ma mostrano che l’intensità della R&S (ricerca e sviluppo) nell’UE-27 ristagna. Ambedue i rapporti sono stati presentati questa settimana a Bruxelles dal vicepresidente della Commissione europea Günter Verheugen e dal commissario resposabile per la Scienza Janez Potocnik.

Telecoms: Commission asks Italy’s telecoms regulator AGCOM to wait for verified cost data before approving price increases for access to Telecom Italia’s network

State aid: Commission prolongs film support rules until end 2012.

Ex-ante advertising for a negotiated procedure for a contract of a value below or equal to €60.000 – RTD Technological Audits

New study to assess progress towards an interoperable European eHealth space. The objectives of the study are to measure and assess Union Member States eHealth progress.

Sources of financing and policy recommendations to Member States and the European Commission on boosting eHealth investment This study aims to assess different financing opportunities against the financing needs of eHealth investment. The overriding goal of the study, and of this final report, is to assist Member States and the European Commission in their efforts to meet the eHealth Action Plan objective of “supporting and boosting investment in eHealth”.

ICT network impact on structuring a competitive ERA.The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Information Society and Media has issued a call for tenders for a study on the impact of information and communication technology (ICT) on structuring a competitive European Research Area (ERA).The study will assess the effectiveness of Framework Programme ICT RTD networks in supporting the ERA.The results of the study will be used in future evaluations of ICT research in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and for assessments, which aim to:

  • support strategic planning and direction of the EU-funded ICT research activities;
  • improve the ICT research performance and accountability of achieving results at ‘thematic priority’ level.

Budget 300 000 EUR.Deadline;jsessionid=8C74B8ADA2FD2F7FEA25C242E682FEAC.instance_1?DataFlow=N_one_doc_access.dfl&Template=TED/N_one_result_detail_curr.htm&docnumber=123208-2009&docId=123208-2009&StatLang=EN

Call for proposals — Joint Harmonised European Union Programme of Business and Consumer Surveys (2009/C 18/09) Budget EUR 75 000,00 Deadline 20 February 2009

CALL FOR PROPOSALS — DG EAC/01/09 TEMPUS IV — REFORM OF HIGHER EDUCATION THROUGH INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITYCOOPERATION (2009/C 18/10) The overall objective of the programme will be to contribute towards facilitating cooperation in the field of higher education among Member States of the European Union (EU) and partner countries in the surrounding area. In particular, the programme will help promote voluntary convergence with EU developments in the field of higher education deriving from the Lisbon agenda and the Bologna process. Budget EUR 53 million Deadline 28 April 2009

CALL FOR PROPOSALS — ENTR/CIP/09/E/N02S001 Entrepreneurial culture of young people, and entrepreneurship education (2009/C 20/16). Budget EUR 2 750 000.Deadline 20 April 2009. This action aims to implement the Small Business Act and the Oslo Agenda for Entrepreneurship Education in Europe by promoting winning ideas in the field of education for entrepreneurship. Projects with a clear European added value will receive co-funding from the Commission. Applicants should act in a consortium: projects must involve a minimum number of partners from different countries.

Challenge 5: Towards sustainable and personalised healthcare – call for experts. ICT for Health (eHealth) is looking for experts related to four objectives addressed by the call 4 (& 6 to be launched end 2009) for proposals (1- Personal Health Systems; 2- Patient Safety; 3- Virtual Physiological Human; 4- International Cooperation in VPH).

7th Joint CORNET call for Transnational Collective Research Project Proposals .Project consortia of associations, federations, trade associations or groupings of industrial enterprises from at least 3 different European countries or regions have the opportunity to submit a proposal for a joint collective research project Deadline  30 April 2009

13 February 2009, Brussels, Belgium. Information Day for Call AAL-2009-2 under the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme.Call 2 is currently under preparation. A central information day will take place on 13 February. Topic and objectives of the call will be presented. The info day will also offer networking opportunities and the possibility to present potential proposals.

29 May – 7 June 2009, Paris, Ile de France.Futur en Seine. Futur en Seine is a festival featuring cultural, technological and social events. Across the city and the region, visitors will be able to see, touch and interact with innovative technologies and applications that will be part of daily life in the digital city of the future. The Festival will run over 10 days and features 40 venues, some 300 events, 15 major prototypes, 30 conferences and a digital village.

16 – 17 February 2009, Brussels, Belgium. Regions For Economic Change – Networking for Results. This event is organised by the European Commission in cooperation with the Committee of the Regions. During the evening of the first day, Commissioner Danuta Hübner will present the 2009 ‘RegioStars’ awards to projects displaying good European practice and innovation in regional policy. More than 500 participants from regions all over Europe are expected to discuss how European regional policy and its instruments can help regions to learn from one another and translate network outputs into action through mainstream policy and programmes.

16 – 20 February 2009, Barcelona, Spain Barcelona School on Biomedical Informatics (BSBMI) 2009.The School will provide a framework for the presentation of some of the latest developments and tools in the field of translational bioinformatics, whilst allowing participants to gain direct experience of using such tools in hands-on sessions.

29 – 31 March 2009, Sevilla, Spain. EuroCPR: The competitiveness of Europe’s mobile communication sector.The 2009 European Communications Policy Research Conference will address the policy challenges of competitiveness, innovation and energy efficiency. Key topics include mobile internet 2.0, mobile media, new user roles and new market structures, data roaming and environmental sustainability.

C.U.R.I.E. network annual conference, Montpellier, France.The conference will put into perspective the economic and social challenges facing societies with regard to the ever more important role of innovation. Public research is at the heart of these challenges, contributing to success stories that help establish a sustainable economy in an area of international innovation.

26 – 28 May 2009, Paris, Franc. Hit Paris 2009. The European Health Information System Congress is designed to bring together all actors involved in the process. Decision-makers and management teams, network leaders, public authorities, for whom information is a strategic resource and the information system an investment intended to create added value and develop performance. Users (doctors, pharmacists, nurses and managers), and engineers (biomedical, hospital organisation, information system security…) for whom information systems represent a major issue in terms of security and quality of care for patients, at ward level, in networks or in outside hospitals.


24.02.2009 Prague.Forum on research and development impact assessment, Prague, Czech Republic. The event will provide a discussion platform for the assessment of national and European impacts of the EU’s Framework Programmes. During the first day of the conference, examples of good practice in ex-post evaluation and their subsequent use by policy makers will be shared. The second day will be methodologically-oriented, and will focus on socio-economic methods and analytical tools used for impact assessment.

30 March to 2 April 2009 Darmstadt, Germany. European conference on space debris. Scientists, engineers, operators and policy makers will meet to discuss different aspects of space debris research, including measurement techniques, model theories, risk analyses, mitigation concepts and policy issues.

6 – 8 April 2009 Sofia, Bulgaria. Congress on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources for south-east Europe.The event aims to encourage investment in energy efficiency and the implementation of renewable energy in the region. It combines scientific and industrial issues from all perspectives of energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy sources (RES). The congress will also provide industry professionals with the latest technologies, strategies and best practices that lower costs and improve reliability.

30 March 1 April 2009 Florence, Italy.ESA workshop on aerospace electromagnetic compatibility. Suppliers and manufactures in the aerospace industry are facing continuous pressure to meet regulatory requirements. They also need to accommodate sophisticated technologies and services and to target reduction of costs and time in the procurement process. With this in mind, EMC engineers search for advanced approaches and techniques in modelling, design, production and test with the ultimate objectives of achieving built-in design compatibility and avoiding costly fixes for integrated systems.

Call for proposals under the ICT Policy Support Programme. CIP-ICT PSP-2009-3. – (2009/C 23/09). The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Information Society and Media has launched a call for proposals under the Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP). The call covers a total of eight themes:

  • ICT for health, ageing and inclusion;
  • digital libraries;
  • ICT for government and governance;
  • ICT for energy efficiency and environment;
  • multilingual web;
  • public sector information;
  • Internet evolution and security (including radio frequency identification);
  • open innovation, user experience and living labs.

The ICT Policy Support Programme aims to stimulate innovation and competitiveness through the wider uptake and best use of ICT by citizens, governments and businesses Deadline 02-06-2009.

VisMaster: Mastering human and computer interactions. There is no doubt that the advent of computer technology has made peoples’ lives easier and computer applications have expanded to impact on almost every aspect of our lives. These applications require huge amounts of storage space for the information and data that they gather and use. The services of specialised computer analysts to help interpret this stored information are crucial. Enter the EU-funded VisMaster project, which aims to tackle this problem through the use of visual analytics.

Reports show EU on right track, but R&D investment stagnating.The results of the recently published ‘European Innovation Scoreboard 2008’ and ‘Science, Technology and Competitiveness key figures report 2008/2009’ indicate substantial improvements in certain areas but show that R&D (research and development) intensity in the EU27 is stagnating. Both reports were presented in Brussels this week by European Commission Vice President Günter Verheugen and Commissioner for Science and Research Janez Potocnik.


Fondo di rotazione per l’imprenditorialità – Innnovazione ed economia della conoscenza.La Regione Lombardia ha avviato un bando per la presentazione di domande di aiuto finanziario per attività di innovazione di prodotto e di processo e per l’applicazione industriale dei risultati della ricerca. Le risorse dipsonibili sono pari a 35 milioni di euro.,c=News,cid=1229849805047#628

Bando Manunet 2009 – Progetti transnazionali di ricerca e sviluppo. La Regione Piemonte mette a disposizione 7 milioni di euro per promuovere attività di ricerca e sviluppo nel settore manifatturiero. Il bando Manunet 2009 si rivolge, in particolare, alle piccole e medie imprese e fornisce sostegno a progetti transnazionali di ricerca industriale e sviluppo sperimentale. Deadline 20/03/2009

Puglia – Aiuti agli investimenti in ricerca per le PMI. La Regione Puglia incentiva la realizzazione di investimenti da parte delle imprese pugliesi, per la ricerca e lo sviluppo tecnologico.Sono previste, in particolare, due linee di intervento (ricerca industriale e sviluppo sperimentale), per ciascuna delle quali sono anche ammissibili investimenti relativi a studi di fattibilità tecnica e alla brevettazione e diritti di proprietà intellettualeIl bando si rivolge a piccole e medie imprese, in forma singola o associata. Le risorse finanziarie sono pari a 28 milioni di euro. Deadline 20/03/2009


Regione Veneto – Direzione Difesa del Suolo.  Rilievi laser-scanner e termografici da elicottero su pareti rocciose e versanti in quattro aree distinte situate rispettivamente nei comuni di Valle di Cadore, Perasolo di Cadore, Alleghe e Colle Santa Lucia, Rocca Pietore (BL), Valstagna (VI). Importo complessivo € 70.000. Deadline 30 giugno 2009.

ENEL servizi. Ispezione delle linee elettriche media tensione aeree mediante l’uso di elicottero munito di videocamera geostabilizzata e restituzione degli elaborati e dei database su supporto informatico. Scadenza 15 maggio 2009.

Comune di Torino. Interventi per la formazione della cartografia numerica provinciale in scala 1:5.000 da eseguirsi con procedura di tipo aerofotogrammetrico. Importi base di gara: Lotto1 – € 130.315; Lotto 2 – € 125.231. Scadenza 25 maggio 2009.

ASTRAL.Aziende Strade Lazio SpA di Roma. Affidamento del servizio di istituzione del catasto delle strade, mappatura acustica delle strade regionali, fornitura del sistema informativo stradale. Importo complessivo € 1.174.500 iva esclusa. Scadenza 15 maggio 2009.

Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali.Estensione del progetto Archeomar – Censimento e georeferenziazione dei beni archeologici sommersi delle regioni Lazio e Toscana. Importo complessivo € 800.000 iva esclusa. Scadenza 12 maggio 2009.


29-30 aprile 2009 Brno (Repubblic ceca), Evento di mediazione e giornata informativa sulle TIC. Gli argomenti in programma includono:

  • reti pervasive e sicure e infrastrutture di servizio;
  • sistemi cognitivi, interazione e robotica;
  • sistemi e ingegneria dei componenti;
  • biblioteche digitali e contenuti;
  • verso una sanità sostenibile e personalizzata;
  • TIC per la mobilità, sostenibilità ambientale e efficienza energetica.

CCIAA FE: in arrivo i contributi per le imprese ferraresi che vanno all’estero.Il 2 marzo 2009 apriranno quindi due bandi di contributo dedicati a queste attività:

  • Bando per la concessione di contributi per la partecipazione a fiere internazionali in Italia e all’estero
  • Bando per la concessione di contributi per l’attuazione di progetti promozionali sui mercati esteri

Deadline 15-03-2009

Bologna: al via il nuovo bando per incentivi alle imprese. Il Settore Attività Produttive e Commerciali ha fra i suoi obiettivi prioritari la riqualificazione di particolari zone della città attraverso il sostegno all’avvio e allo sviluppo d’impresa. Le azioni comprendono: l’emanazione di Bandi Pubblici per la concessione di contributo a fondo perduto e finanziamenti a tasso agevolato, l’incubazione di imprese, l’attività di formazione ed orientamento allo sviluppo del business, l’organizzazione di azioni ed eventi per la promozione delle imprese finanziate.Deadline 31-03-2009