EUROPEAN COMMISSION – Call for applications for the selection of an expert following the resignation of a member of the Commission stakeholder expert group on public procurement  (2013/C 301/04). By Decision of 3 September 2011 ( 1 ) (‘the Decision’), the Commission has set up a stakeholder expert group on public procurement. This group of experts replaces the previous advisory committee on the opening-up of public procurement set up by Commission Decision of 26 May 1987 ( 2 ). The task of the group is to provide the Commission with high-quality legal, economic, technical and/or practical insight and expertise to help it shape the EU’s public procurement policy.

The FI-CONTENT 2 Open Call. FI-CONTENT 2 is glad to announce the launch of its “Open call“. With an available budget of 1,35 million €, the “Open call” of the FI-CONTENT 2 initiative will select new beneficiaries to be included into the present FI-CONTENT 2 partnership and be involved in developments and experimentation planned in 2014-15. It is expected that these new partners will complement the three advanced platforms that the FI-CONTENT 2 project is building, for Social Connected TV, Mobile Smart City services, and Pervasive Games, by creating new applications or providing missing technologies to extend the platforms’ capabilities.

Call for tenders: Supply of market data on online content, services and applications available on fixed and mobile broadband platforms. The European Commission will launch soon a call for tenders for a service contract of a maximum value of EUR 60 000.. The purpose of this call for tenders is to obtain market data and intelligence about online content, services and applications available to businesses and consumers on fixed and mobile broadband platforms. These data will support the activities of the Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CNECT) in the context of the Digital Agenda for Europe. The Directorate General will use this market data and intelligence in its policy development activities, namely in the field of broadband and online content and services.

Researchers‘ Report 2013. The “EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion” initiative providing access to a complete range of information and support services to researchers wishing to pursue their research careers in Europe has published a 2013 Researchers’ Report. The Researchers’ Report 2013 was prepared by Deloitte Consulting for the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation and looks at the extent to which some prerequisites are being met. These prerequisites include equal opportunities for women, offering quality doctoral and post-doctoral training and research opportunities, increasing the number of researchers in the private sector etc.

EUREKA Annual Report 2012. The EUREKA 2012 Annual Report is now publicly available on the EUREKA Network website. Compiled during the Hungarian and Turkish chairs, the 84 pages report features ten chapters of in-depth analysis and reporting on individual programmes within EUREKA and a EUREKA country review.

OECD Science Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2013. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published on 24th October 2013 its annual report entitled “Science Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2013” that on 279 pages reviews the trends on STI with the purpose to map the progress in the field of innovations and the position of the countries in the global knowledge economy.One of the key findings is that Investment in innovation remains a priority, largely through R&D support measures

European Council discussed digital economy and innovation. During the first day of the European Council summit on 24 October 2013, the Heads of States or Governments discussed the issues of Digital Agenda and Innovation. The relevant parts of conclusions stress the vital role of digital economy for growth and European competitiveness and the necessary investments from Member States to new strategic technologies like Big Data or Cloud Computing. It is closely linked to the commitment to complete the Digital Single Market by 2015 and connected electronic services, such as e-invoicing, e-government, e-health or e-procurement. There is also an urgent need to fill in the vacancies in ICT sector and to improve the citizens´ skills – European Structural and Investment Funds can be used in this sense, as well as the integration of digital skills in education, support to targeted labour mobility and the use of the newly developed classification of European Skills/Competences, Qualifications and Occupations (ESCO).

MISE: Investimenti innovativi, agevolazioni per le regioni “Convergenza”.Al fine di rafforzare la competitività dei sistemi produttivi e lo sviluppo tecnologico nelle aree delle regioni dell’ Obiettivo Convergenza (Calabria, Campania, Puglia e Sicilia), è stato varato, nell’ambito del Piano di Azione Coesione, un nuovo intervento per l’agevolazione di programmi di investimento innovativi.I programmi devono essere finalizzati all’acquisizione di immobilizzazioni materiali e immateriali tecnologicamente avanzate, in grado di aumentare il livello di efficienza o di flessibilità nello svolgimento dell’attività economica oggetto del programma.

 Aperto il bando per la realizzazione del portale degli Open Data della Regione Lazio, volto alla valorizzazione delle informazioni del settore pubblico del territorio laziale, per un importo di 1 milione 350mila euro IVA esclusa. L’avviso, pubblicato oggi sulla Gazzetta ufficiale dell’Unione europea e sulla Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica italiana, è finanziato attraverso il POR FESR Lazio 2007-2013 dell’Asse I.7, i fondi europei destinati allo sviluppo economico e occupazionale regionale, e mira alla realizzazione di un ulteriore fondamentale tassello dell’Agenda Digitale del Lazio.

Regione Calabria. Dipartimento Urbanistica e Governo del Territorio (CZ). Esecuzione di rilevi aerei con sensore iperspettrale per 153.500 ettari. Importo € 389.890 + iva. Scadenza 25 novembre 2013.