The CWA covers selected key terminologies used by actors during crisis and disaster management for describing needs, actions, situations, tools, missions, resources and any other goods or services needed in large-scale multi-agency and/or transnational disaster risk management.

The intended users of the CWA results are authorities, statutory emergency agencies and other practitioners within the field of disaster risk management, including non-governmental agencies, researchers in disaster and emergency management and the public. Each of these prospective beneficiaries may find some parts more useful than others.

The CWA provides methodologies for comparison of the definitions of terms and the scope of the related source (e. g. terminology standard). It is not a purpose of the CWA to prioritize terms or definitions for one group of users or another.

The CWA is expected to be used for the improvement of the quality and efficiency of communication between actors in crisis and disaster management, independently of the communication channel being used.

Typical scenarios, where the results of the CWA might be used, include the need for information exchange between the many diverse stakeholders involved or between formal response agencies.

Such communication may take the form of conversations between individuals in groups or of data exchange implemented by computers (and, in general, IT systems).

This CWA was initiated by the FP7 projects EPISECC , SecInCoRe, DRIVER+ and REDIRNET and supported by the FP7 project COncORDE.

IES Solutions (Dr. Uberto Delprato ) is one of the organisations that developed and approved the CWA.

Ref: CWA 2017335