IES Solutions has implemented a suite of a web based applications, called JIXEL, that allows emergency services (fire and rescue, ambulances, police, civil protection) to seamlessly exchange information during day by day operations and when managing catastrophic events and their aftermath.
Recent applications of Jixel are the exchange of information between Search and Rescue (SAR) teams in Abruzzo (Italy) after the Earthquake and the management of fires in Calabria region. In fact, the Jixel suite is customized taking into account emergency
services needs and their specific organizational structure.
The jixel suite is composed by this components:

  • Cap Generator: It is a Web interface that allows users to create and share information. By using it, it is possible to assign a geographical coordinate (lat/lon) to a CAP message (also called jixel) and add many other information (e.g. incident description, resources, attachments). CAP Generator uses Google Maps to locate the incident.
  • Cap Router: It is a web service that distributes jixel to the partner organizations they are targeted to. Users can configure the recipients of a specific jixel according to its features and based on this the CAPRouter creates a dedicated, secure and encrypted jixel feed for each of them. Such jixel feeds can be textually displayed using a standard browser or on a map running the last JIXEL component: the CAPViewer.
  • Cap Viewer: It is a Web interface that display, filter and group on a geographical interface (also based on Google Maps) the jixels created with the CAP Generator.