Jixel use CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) as data structure. CAP is the standard XML data format JIXEL uses to manage information about incident location and other relevant data.
It contains an alert block with generic incident information, multiple info blocks with multilingual detailed information, multiple resource blocks for attaching multimedia content and multiple area blocks to define the geographic features.

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Jixel also use TSO as data dictionary. The TSO protocol is a XML based data structure composed by different blocks of information, like the CAP one. It was designed inside the OASIS (Open Advanced System for dISaster and emergency management) project framework, with the aim of allowing a minimum level of interoperability, through the exchange of a certain amount of critical information between emergency organizations. Among other types of information, it defines several “event codes”, which uniquely identify a certain emergency type.
The Jixel suite uses the event codes provided by the TSO dictionary, and carries them inside the CAP data structure, in order to allow a better understanding of the emergency situation, even when the involved operators belong to different emergency services, or are located in different countries, with different languages.

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