The Operational Program FESR Sicily 2014/2020 is based on the collective construction of a future vision of the regional territory as a pact between administrators, citizens and different partners. The strategy of the OP was born for: combining innovation and citizenship; link the many innovative drives and strengthen the competitiveness of production systems and research as well as social development and quality of life.
The investment priorities and the Thematic Objectives have been identified on the basis of Regulations n.1301 / 2013 and n. 1303/2013 of the European Union and of the Partnership Agreement for Italy 2014/2020. The Operational Program was approved by the European Commission with Decision C (2015) 5904 of 17 August 2015 and adopted by the Regional Council with Resolution no. 267 of 10 November 2015. The OP is divided into 10 priority Axis and provides for a total funding of 4,557,908,024 euros, of which 3,418,431,018 in support of the Union and 1,139,477,006 of national public co-financing.

During the event the Technical Director of IES Solutions, Massimo Cristaldi, presented the GECoS platform, illustrating the functions and advantages of the virtual operating room.

Presentation video