In the recent years, border security has became one of the highest priorities for the EU, due to the rising of illegal activities happening at the border between member states and, particularly, between member states and third countries.
Issues linked with Illegal border crossing, human trafficking, smuggling / trafficking in illicit goods and the difficulties in containing large irregular migration flows by sea, suggest the need for new and more efficient methods of control and management of these situations.
ARESIBO, a project funded from the EU HORIZON 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 833805, on the topic “Technologies to enhance border and external security”, will tackle this need, aiming at improving the efficiency of border security and surveillance activities, by providing advanced technological solutions to be integrated with current C2 systems in the border security domain. The technological solutions will address information interoperability and improved situation awareness through the integration of data from sensors processing, risks analysis and forecasting and with the support of UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicles), UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicles) and USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicles). The integrated technological solution will also include Augmented Reality techniques to support the activities of control room and on field operators.
In ARESIBO, operational scenarios and KPIs based on relevant CONOPS for the security border domain, will be defined for validation and testing of the proposed technological solutions. The scenarios will focus on land-border, sea-border and mixed-border use cases and will involve field crews and C2 room operators during the testing and demonstration events that will be held in Bulgaria (land-border), Greece (land- and sea-border), Portugal (sea-border), Finland (land-border).

In ARESIBO, IES will work together with 19 partners from 11 countries, mainly as responsible of the Decision Support Tool implementation and leader of the Dissemination and Exploitation activities.

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