Fire Risk

The comparison of various European countries reveals that in the time span from 1981-1994 Spain was the country with the largest area of 3,010,360 ha concerned by forest fires, followed by Portugal (1,111,156 ha), Italy (783,898), Greece (712,906) and France (539,808).
On the other hand the country with the highest number of reported forest fires is Portugal with 215,999 events, followed by Spain with 212,458 events, Italy (187,948 events), France (83,026 events) and Greece (23,779 events).
In this context the necessity for the various authorities to establish advanced systems of monitoring, control and modeling of forest fires development becomes obvious.

IES’s efforts are oriented to the following aspects:

  • GIS-bases systems for accurate description of forest (software FIS)
  • Production of updated maps of burnt area, exploiting also spaceborn data
  • Field campaigns and creation of GIS-based maps of points of particular interests like burnable material deposits, gas stations, water reservoirs etc

Some Realizations

JIXEL IncendiJixel-INCENDI offers automatic remote sensing services capable of defining burnt areas during or after fire season.

The service is based on a mature technology, originated from several international research projects in which IES Solutions and IES Consulting teams co-operated. Learn more…

MOS-BaseThe MOS-base system is designed for fire risk management and assessment of fire affected areas. MOS-base combines forest fires data from different sources and integrates and make them available in the Jixel web-based platform. In this way, the MOS-base cartographic system will have both data on the interventions carried out on site, and data from sensors and/or mobile devices, together with remote sensing data including pre and post-fire information. Learn more…