Privacy Policy

Personal data processing Holder
IES Solutions srl
Via Monte Senario 98
00141 Roma (RM)
P. IVA 08249501001
Email : [email protected]

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Privacy policy


Type of Data used for contact form and Newsletters

The Personal Data collected through the contact forms and used to send our Newsletters are: name, surname, email.

Personal Data may be freely provided by the User or retrieved from publicly available information (eg publications).

Some additional Data (Country of residence and telephone number) can be communicated by the User to speed up the exchange of information and are optional.

Users who have doubts about which data are mandatory, are encouraged to contact the owner.

Cookies Policy

Our websites use the following technical cookies: StatCounter and Google Analytics

StatCounter and Google Analytics primarily use proprietary cookies to generate reports on visitor interactions with websites. These cookies are used to store information that does not allow personal identification of users. Browsers do not share proprietary cookies between various domains.

For customers who use the Google Analytics feature for advertisers that uses display advertising, the DoubleClick third-party cookie is used to enable features such as remarketing for products like AdWords on the Google Display Network. For more information on this cookie, see the privacy questions about Google advertising. To manage the cookie settings and disable this feature, visit Ads Settings.

Customers who have activated the analytics.js collection method through Universal Analytics can decide whether to set a cookie or not. If the customer decides to set it, the information stored in the local proprietary cookie is reduced to a random identification number (eg 12345.67890).