115-for-deaf is a system, implemented by IES Solutions, which allows deaf people to reach the 115 service. Substantially, it connects deaf people with Fire Brigades Control Rooms, obviating the difficulties they would have in calling the 115 service.

The system consists of a web application that can be accessed by any computer connected to the internet, and requires the user to complete the registration before use. Then, the request procedure is facilitated by an intuitive interface: some clicks on the proposed emergency types are enough. The user can also send more detailed information by typing some text. When the request is sent, a call for rescue is displayed on the interface of the Fire Brigades Control Centre, and the response will be exactly the same as if the request was placed with a normal phone call.

115-for-deaf is likely the most innovative application between the sustainable solutions to call for rescue when you cannot speak. Currently the system is implemented as a pilot only for the Province of Venezia. At a later stage it will be released so as to be used by all the interested deaf people.