Funding Opportunities

IES works actively on Research & Development and inside European Union founded projects.

IES is an expert consultant and can advice and assist companies, universities, research organisations and administrative bodies who wish to participate in European Union founded project.

The IST Programme, for instance, addresses research and development in the areas of information and computing technologies. IST Programme has a budget measured in millions of Euros. Though thousands of organisations across Europe participate in this Programme, developing a proposal could be complicated. It is necessary studing the Workprogramme and many other documents. And if you are successful, you must then study the model contract, consortium agreements, guidelines for contract preparation, guidelines on financial conditions, and guidelines on European Commission reporting requirements.


IES can assist you in:

  • Identifying opportunities for funding
  • developing project ideas
  • finding project partners
  • writing successful proposals
  • managing your project
  • executing your project

IES Solutions has always been an active developer of products and solutions in the domain of environment and security. To stay in touch with both academic research and EC-funded initiatives, it is fundamental to be aware of funding opportunities and specific events. Having this in mind, IES Solutions allows you to be kept up to date about news related to your business sector, and to share our enthusiasm for far-reaching initiatives. Infact, we make you available a scouting service for news and information which are published on our website.