ARESIBO – First Review –

On January 21, 2021, the 1st Review of the ARESIBO project took place. ARESIBO is a project funded by the European Union on the topic "Technologies to enhance border and external security".

IES participates at the 2nd European program BELICE workshop

IES Solutions participates as a speaker together with the National Civil Protection Department

MQTT: a standard communication protocol for the Internet of Things

The success and the resulting pervasive adoption of the MQTT protocol in the IoT / M2M field, is linked to the ease of use and a combination of other important functional and non-functional features. MQTT is a lightweight communication protocol, it uses TCP as the underlying transport layer and an efficient binary encoding for messages serialization. The size of the fixed part of the MQTT message header is only 2 bytes, a very low overhead which makes it ideal for exchanging large amounts of data in small packages on poorly performing networks.

RESILOC Kick-off Meeting

IES Solutions participated to the RESILOC Kick-Off Meeting which took place in Frankfurt on 12th and 13th June

ARESIBO Kick-Off Meeting

The Kick-off meeting of the ARESIBO project took place in Catania, on 30th and 31st of May, 2019.

International AlpDIRIS Exercise in Val Saisera, Malborghetto (Udine), Italy

The final practical exercise “ALPDIRIS 2019” was held near Val Saisera (near Tarvisio, Udine – Italy). The exercise was a final exercise within the EU project ALPDIRIS, which aims to upgrade and develop modern, new technological solutions for the management and monitoring of interventions. The project has developed an application for smart phones for rescuers on the ground, a web application for support management of interventions and graphical and Incident Management tools with graphical user interfaces, supporting procedures and exchange of forms for cross-border cooperation between Slovenia and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in the event of accidents.

The European Parliament approves rescEU

Yesterday the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to adopt rescEU, an initiative of the Commission to strengthen European capacities to respond to natural disasters like forest fires, floods, earthquakes and other crises.

IES Solutions at the ESA S4 workshop

Today, IES Solutions is part of the "Secure Satcom for Safety & Security Workshop" organised by ESA-ESTEC where forefront applications of Satellite Communication technologies are being presented and discussed.

The Italian national Civil Protection joins the EFAS

Effective February 2019, Dipartimento della Protezione Civile, Italy is a new EFAS partner.

Semantic Interoperability: a new white paper from the Public Safety Communication Forum

PSCE, the Public Safety Communications Europe Forum, has published a new article on Semantic Interoperability built upon the results of the EPISECC project where our company played an active role in delivering the technical support for the tools developed within the project.

Search and Rescue Exercise in Bled, Slovenia

A call comes in the SOR by the friend of a missing mountaineer. The mountaineer was in Slovenia, but the signal was redirected to the Italian side.

GRALLE, a new worldwide mass alerting system for saving lives!

On November the 20th, 2018, the GRALLE project (Galileo-based Reliable Automatic Low-Latency Emergency Warning Service), will have a Milestone review meeting in Brussels, before the final review meeting of December.

AlpDIRIS training exercise

AlpDIRIS Project : Training on the implementation of the Italy-Slovenia transboundary collaboration protocol and the solutions supporting mountain rescue activities

IES Solutions at the meeting of the AlpDIRIS project in Palmanova, Regional Department of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Civil Protection premises, for the training event on the use of the software tools supporting the cross-border cooperation between the PCRFVG and the Civil Protection of Slovenia.

Italy-Slovenia cooperation protocol, Palmanova, June 2018

During the workshop in Palmanova, at PCRFVG premises, the tools developed within AlpDIRIS to support the information exchange needs during cooperation in cross-border emergencies were tested: Jixel-Manager, developed by IES and DISP, developed by HITEC. The digital implementation of the cooperation protocol for EMER forms exchange was tested in a number of emergency scenarios, described hereafter.

NAFTES: 4th meeting and Multiplier Event in Catania with the collaboration of DRPC Sicilia

On 9-10 May there was the fourth Transnational Meeting of the project NAFTES at the IES Solutions headquarters in Catania.

18th Conference PSCE

On 23-24 May, the 18th PSCE conference will be held in Brussels (Belgium), during the event the topic: "Use of Satellite for Critical Situation" will be discussed.

NAFTES: 3rd Transnational Meeting and 1st Multiplier Event

Representatives of external organisations have been able to fully understand the project and the functionalities of the platform, both in terms of content and applications (especially e-learning and Augmented Reality). The participants also tested firsthand the AR application of NAFTES.

RAWFIE: second project review successfully held

The second project review of the RAWFIE project (Road-, Air- and Water- based Future Internet Experimentation) has been successfully held on October the 18th, 2017 in Brussels, at EC premises.
During the review, the project members presented the results of the second project period, focused on the development of the second and third version of the platform prototype, including the integration of new Testbeds and UxV (Unmanned Vehicles).