m-Jixel is the first free application that lets you send alerting messages in case of danger.
m-Jixel makes it easy to create and share data about incidents.
The application automatically calculates your location and sends geographical coordinates and other incident information to the Jixel server.
The service is in an experimental phase and is only accessible by registered and authorized users.
m-jixel has been developed by IES Solutions S.r.l. and is the Jixel version for iPhone.

JIXEL is a suite of web based software applications, allowing emergency services (fire brigades, ambulances, police, civil protection) to seamlessly exchange information during day by day operations and when managing catastrophic events and their aftermath. Therefore, Jixel is the first Web 2.0 Joint Control Room for the interoperability between Emergency Services.
Jixel is fully compliant with the interoperability standard adopted by the Italian National Fire Department (Ministry of Interior) with the Decree dated 17 June 2008 and 23 May 2011.

Alerting messages sent with m-jixel are significant only for demonstrative purposes and ARE NOT IN ANY WAY processed by emergency services. Therefore, m-jixel IS NOT a substitute for emergency calls.


  • Detection of the caller location and visualization on the map
  • Creation and sharing of information about the incident (geographical coordinates (lat/lon) and further information)
  • Sending the signalling message to rescue operators (currently being tested and not included in the emergency management procedures)
  • Consultation of the map to get an overview of what happens (fires signalled in the area)