Search Engine Positioning

IES Solutions is skilled in Search Engine Marketing strategies: we offer the best solutions to ensure the maximum visibility of your website by placing it on the first page of search engines.
Help you to find new customers and increase your business are the objectives of the service we provide. The positioning at the top in search engines is essential to help increase the traffic flow to your website, increase contacts and online sales.
We can guarantee your success on the web, using search marketing strategies tailored to you.
Our team will provide you with appropriate advices to understand which search marketing strategies fit better into your case.
Search Marketing Tools
Search Marketing (SEM) Consulting
How do search marketing services can lead to the achievement of your goals on the Internet? IES Solutions help you undestand which is the strategy that better fits into your case on the base of the objectives you are going to achieve. There are several reasons why you wish to start a search marketing strategy: to introduce your products and services, increase online sales, increase the number of contacts and customers. The strategy we propose will lead your website to be among the first on search engines and to outperform the competition, getting maximum visibility.
Optimization and Positioning (SEO)
To make sure that search engines find your website interesting and place it at the top, you should optimize your website. Optimize a website for the positioning in search engines (Search Engine Optimization – SEO) is essential to allow engines to understand the topics of your website and, consequently, place it among search results relevant to your business sector. The SEO service provided by IES Solutions consists in identifying the strategic keywords that generate high volumes of traffic to your site, improving the content of the website (whether it be to build a new site or act on an existing one) to ensure proper indexing by search engines, emphasizing the keywords for which you want to appear at the top in search results.
Keyword Advertising campaigns
Sometimes, when the competition in your business sector is high, a well optimized website may not be sufficient to guarantee the placement among the top natural search results. In this case, IES Solutions creates and manages online advertising campaigns (also known as keyword advertising) that allow you to quickly reach a high visibility on search engines. With keyword advertising, defined as appropriate depending on the objectives you wish to achieve, you will get the maximum return on investment.
Persuasive Copywriting
How to attract potential customers to your website? How to persuade visitors to take the action you want them to perform? Lead visitors to request a quote, make a purchase or simply fill out a form to request information is a task that calls for special arrangements on your website. Visitors need to feel that will have a real advantage from the purchase of your products, and must be ‘appropriately guided’ to perform the action-goal fixed by you. Through the creation of ‘landing pages’ with ad-hoc content, the persuasive copywriting allows to convert visitors into real customers. Our service will complete the success of your search marketing campaign, helping to boost your business.
Web analytics
Data analysis is a fundamental activity for obtaining detailed information about traffic to your website and the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Through data analysis we can calculate the ROI of your advertising investment, analyze users behavior on your site and improve the effectiveness of keyword advertising campaigns.