The paper “Taxonomy for disaster response: a methodological approach”, will be presented at the upcoming annual “TIEMS INTERNATIONAL ITALIAN CONFERENCE 2015” on International Emergency Management and Disaster Response.

The conference will take place in Rome, Italy, from September the 30th to October the 2nd. The research work explained in the paper, which will be presented by Snjeziana Knezic from UNIST (University of Split), is being carried out in the EU FP7 project EPISECC (Establish Pan-European Information Space to Enhance seCurity of Citizens), aimed at developing a pan European taxonomy of information items and terms used during disaster response.
Partners contributing to the work are Snjezana Knezic, Martina Baucic and Toni Kekez (University of Split), Uberto Delprato and Giovanni Tusa (IES Solutions), Alexander Preinerstorfer (Austrian Institute of Technology) and Gerald Lichtenegger (Technische Universität Graz).

Link to the TIEMS conference website here.
Final TIEMS agenda available for download here