The eCall development is moving forward: a demonstration event about TPSPs (Third Party Service Providers) and PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Point) eCall data exchange was held on November the 7h, 2017 in Varese, Italy, at the CUR 112 (Centrale Unica di Risposta 112 – a PSAP). eCall is the service that allows the sending of a message from a vehicle to emergency services in case of need.

The demonstration

The focus of the demonstration was on the seamless data communication from three different TPSPs to the 112 PSAP in Varese. It was shown how the three different private entities are interconnected to the Varese PSAP, each receiving an eCall and sending their respective TSD (TPS-eCall Set of Data – the TPS version of MSD, Minimum Set of Data), within CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) messages in a seamless and uniform way.

MSD contains the essential eCall information (such as location), while TSD may contain additional info, such as type of vehicle.

The PSAP operator was able to process the data received from TPSPs and generate an accident sheet, compliant with 112 procedures. The PSAP then forwarded the eCall to the health emergency PSAP in Trento, responsible for the area in which the eCalls have been generated.

During the event, the adopted architecture was also presented and discussed with the participants. It has been developed within the Activity 4 of the I-HeERO project, and it is compliant with the EN16102 standard, which sets the data exchange mechanisms.



I_HeERO, (Infrastructure Harmonised eCall European Deployment) is a European Project, funded by “Connect Europe Facility” (CEF) Programme, aimed at the preparation of the PSAP in Member States for the deployment of 112-based eCall as reference implementations. It addresses explicitly the PSAP element of the eCall. I_HeERO consists of studies leading to a number of pilot reference implementation in all activities. I_HeERO will develop and provide a blueprint (implementation plan) to beneficiary member state PSAP on how to upgrade their infrastructure to support eCall as a pan European concept.

In I_HeERO, IES Solutions work on interoperability and data exchange procedures between PSAPs, and between PSAPs and TPSPs.


What: I_HeERO eCall data integration pilot

When: 7/11/2017

Where: Centrale Unica di Risposta 112, Varese, Italy

More info (I_HeERO project)