During the workshop in Palmanova, at PCRFVG premises, the tools developed within AlpDIRIS to support the information exchange needs during cooperation in cross-border emergencies were tested: Jixel-Manager, developed by IES and DISP, developed by HITEC. The digital implementation of the cooperation protocol for EMER forms exchange was tested in a number of emergency scenarios, described hereafter.


Flood in Trieste

The operator in the SOR sends information on floods in Trieste and its surroundings on EMER1 to CORS, which confirms the receipt of the notification and sends it to ReCO Koper. ReCO Koper confirms the receipt of the form and sends the acknowledgement to the SOR, at the same time CORS receives information about it. The SOR receives the ack. The flood situation has intensified, so SOR asks for help using the EMER2 form. This time, he specifies what he needs (4 rescue workers and 2 vehicles), and for example, working channel, assembly place … SOR sends EMER2 to CORS. CORS opens the form, checks the content of the form, confirms receipt, and sends it to ReCO Koper. ReCO Koper confirms and specifies which assistance it can send and sends this information back to the SOR. In doing so, CORS receives an automatic action message. All three players (SOR, CORS and ReCO Koper) can monitor the status.

Forest fire at the border between Italy and Slovenia

The procedure for the implementation of the scenario is similar to that in the first case, apart that EMER1 and EMER3 forms are used in this case, because in Italy there are different protocols for extinguishing firesoutside the urban environment or for handling different types of emergencies (floods, landlides, etc.).

Missing mountaineer

A call is received by the SOR by the friend of the missing mountaineer. Since the mountaineer was in Slovenia, but the signal was redirected to the Italian side, the operator in the SOR collected all the necessary information and sent EMER 1 to CORS and CORS then to Nova Gorica. The operator at ReCO Nova Gorica called on the telephone number and obtained additional information that he forwarded to its mountain rescue service and activated it at the same time. This is the beginning of the field team with rescuers. When the victim was found, the rescuers reported under the protocol, demanded an on-duty medical team and a rescue helicopter in the mountains.