The REACH112 Final Conference will be held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, on 28-29 June 2012.
The final conference will present the outcomes and impact of the REACH112 project so that countries and agencies can deploy REACH112 type of services. The REACH112 project has significantly improved telecommunications performance in person to person communications, in the provision of relay services and in direct access to emergency services (“112”). Person to Person Communications and Next Generation 112 Accessibility using Total Conversation (i.e. a combination of voice, video and real-time text) will be presented. The event will also look at the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing, regulatory issues, and standardisation. End-users, relay services and emergency services will explain their experiences and participants will have the opportunity to use the REACH112 implementation. Ways forward towards accessible communications and Next Generation 112 will be presented. Demonstrations and examples of Total Conversation calls between persons, via relay services and to 112 will be provided. Booths will be available to showcase REACH112 solutions and visits of the installations of REACH112 in a 112 Emergency Call Centre will be organised.

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