Thanks to the merger with IES Solutions, Webgenesys consolidates its presence in the ICT sector, expanding its offer with new application areas dedicated to the environment and territorial safety.

Rome, June 26, 2023

IES Solutions is pleased to announce it’s incorporation in Webgenesys S.p.A., a major system integrator on the Italian market. This union represent an opportunity for IES to reach larger markets shares and new customers, bringing the power of research and of dedicated solutions.

IES Solutions and our focus on the environment and safety

IES Solutions – an acronym for “Intelligence for Environment and Security” – is committed to employing IT technologies and solutions to serve the environment and safety through specific software and platforms for sharing crucial information and data.

Among various solutions, the company is known for developing Jixel, a suite of innovative services based on the cloud, used by several clients at national and European level. In detail, it is a sophisticated software that aims to manage both ordinary situations and emergencies effectively, with customisable solutions for cities, regions, entities, companies, and system integrators. It also has a specific function dedicated to managing eCall events. Furthermore, Jixel is a Software as a Service certified by Agid/ACN.

Comments from Uberto Delprato and Antonello Posterino

Uberto Delprato, CEO of IES Solutions, welcomes the merger enthusiastically: “We are proud to enter the reality of Webgenesys, which provides us with the commercial and offer opportunities we were looking for. We are sure to bring significant added value to Webgenesys, thanks to our specialised skills as researchers and IT experts dedicated to the territory and the environment.”

Antonello Posterino, president of Webgenesys, highlights another advantage of the merger: “IES Solutions has extensive experience in participating in international research projects, funded by the European Union and focused mainly on environmental issues. This expertise undoubtedly represents an added value for our company and our commitment to contributing to the construction of a safer society.”

With this merger, Webgenesys S.p.A. continues to consolidate its presence in the ICT sector, always pursuing the goal, as a System Integrator, of providing innovative technological solutions for a safer and eco-sustainable world.