Location: Bled, Slovenia

Date: 13th December 2018



  • Mountain Rescue Team
  • CORS Ljubljana
  • RECO Kranj
  • URSZR administration


  • Mountain Rescue Team
  • FVG 112 Centre
  • PCRAFVG administration


SAR mission support with variety of tools and features

  • Command and Control tools
    • ALPDIRIS Web-Portal
  • Field tools
    • ALPDIRIS Reporter – Mobile App
  • Cooperation support
    • Protocol execution tool for managing and sharing data on incidents and resources using EMER forms
      • Jixel Manager (IES), DISP (HITEC)


A call comes in the SOR by the friend of a missing mountaineer. The mountaineer was in Slovenia, but the signal was redirected to the Italian side.

  • The operator in the SOR collects all the necessary information
  • SOR sends EMER 1 to CORS and CORS then to ReCo Kranj
  • Operator at ReCo Kranj calls SOR by telephone and obtains additional information
  • Operator at ReCO Kranj calls Slovenian mountain rescue service and activates them.
  • The Mountain Rescue Mission starts

Support by Italian MR team is requested

  • ReCo requests additional MR and a rescue helicopter to support the rescue mission
  • ReCo request support by additional MR and heli from CORS who sends first an EMER1 followed by an EMER2 request message to SOR.
  • SOR offers assistance (1 MR and 1 helicopter) using EMER2 offer message
  • CORS replies EMER2 with ok. (accepted)

Continue rescue mission Slovenian MR and FVG MR

  • PCRFVG sends MR and helicopter
  • FVG team, goes to search area
  • Both teams search for victim
    • Tracks of Slovenian and Italian MR are visible
    • MR make pictures and send way points
  • victim found, RECO is informed
  • ReCo closes the case

The exercise was executed as part of the ALPDIRIS workshop during the Public Safety Communication Europe Conference in Bled, December 2018