GRALLE, a new worldwide mass alerting system for saving lives!

On November the 20th, 2018, the GRALLE project (Galileo-based Reliable…

REACH112 standardization outcome: ETSI TR 103 170 Total Conversation Access to Emergency Services

The standardization work in ETSI EMTEL performed by the REACH112 Consortium,…

REACH112 Selected for funding

The European Commission officially announced on Friday, 24 October, 2008, the…

ViewFinder first annual review in Spain

ViewFinder first annual review successfully passed.

REACT first review in Brussels

React First Review successfully passed in Brussels. The overall result of…

ParkService Final Review successful

ParkService successfully completed after the final review in Brussels.

Billing4Rent successefully completed after the final review

Billing4Rent project Final Review passed successefully on 10 May 2007 in…

Liaison meeting took place on 10-11 May in Rome

Liaison Consortium meeting took place on 10 -11 May in Rome

REACT Meeting will take place on 31-1 June in Catania

REACT Consortium Meeting will take place in Catania on 31 - 1 June 2007

B4R meeting took place on 13 March in Galway, UK

Billing4Rent Consortium Meeting took place on 13 March in Galway.