On 23-24 May, the 18th PSCE conference will be held in Brussels (Belgium), during the event the topic: “Use of Satellite for Critical Situation” will be discussed.

Satellites are changing the way emergencies are managed. They are immune to natural disasters and other terrestrial constraints and have the potential to greatly improve emergency responses.

In Brussels, we will discuss the use of social media and crowdsourced data to improve Copernicus EMS, the Crisis Connectivity Charter and present GRALLE, an EU initiative for a GALILEO-based Emergency Warning System.

The CEO of IES Solutions, Eng. Uberto Delprato will present the project GRALLE: an initiative from the EU aimed at studying a service based on the GALILEO satellites for the world-wide delivery of alerts. The major features of the service are the ability to reach the population with low-latency, with precise geographical targeting and without the need for being connected to the Internet. The presentation will cover the GRALLE concept, its current status and the outlook for a future roll-out of the service.

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