Last week, in Limassol (Cyprus), the 3rd Transnational Meeting and the 1st Multiplier Event of the NAFTES project were held. NAFTES  is a holistic framework for the training of crew and officers in simulated fire conditions in representative ship engineering compartments; it integrates the use of a e-learning platform and Augmented Reality applications.

The Transnational Meeting

The Transnational Meeting gathered all the NAFTES members (IES Solutions, GUnet – the network of Greek universities -, the Hellenic Navy and DANAOS, a Cypriot shipping company) for two days, in which they discussed the current status of the project and its future developments. The second day of the meeting was focussed on the preparation of the Multiplier Event of the next day.

The second Transnational Meeting was held in Athens (Greece) last June.

The Multiplier Event

On 15 November the first NAFTES Multiplier Event was held. The event aimed at informing people of the project, as well as showing the potentialities of the training platform and its applications.

Representatives of external organisations have been able to fully understand the project and the functionalities of the platform, both in terms of content and applications (especially e-learning and Augmented Reality).

The participants also tested firsthand the AR application of NAFTES.


The NAFTES AR applications

A significant component of the NAFTES training is represented by the Augmented Reality applications, used to provide a more realistic simulated experience.

During the training phases, crew members will be able to visualise objects, information, animations or videos, and perform tests, directly on the Hololens lens. Hololens have been chosen as the main Augmented Reality device used in NAFTES.

The NAFTES members created images and QR codes that, when read by the Hololens, trigger them to generate the AR content of the platform.

The photo shows the Hololens in action.


What: NAFTES – third Transnational Meeting and first Multiplier Event

When: 13-15/11/2017

Where: Limassol, Cyprus

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