CAP Generator has a system able to acquire images, read GPS coordinates from .JPG files and associate these images to a new jixel or to an existing one.
This system requires photos in the JPG format, that have been taken using a camera with GPS receicer. Before inserting photos into CAP Generator, the user should resize them to allow the upload (about 1Mb) verifying that the EXIF data are manteined.
You can access this section through the link “Photos” in the main menu, and choose to upload or manage photos associating them to CAP messages:

The upload section allows you to select photos from the pc (link “Upload Photos”). The images just imported are listed above.

Use the link “Manage Photos” to immediately associate images to jixels.

The photo management allows you to associate the uploaded images to jixels.
As you can see in the picture above, on the left are shown the images with their names and geographical coordinates (Lat/Lon). The value of coordinates will be (0,0) in case the photo is not georeferenced.
You can associate each photo to either an existing jixel or a new one that will contain references to the selected photo.
You can use geographical criteria to assign photos: you can insert a range and visualize all the jixels around the photo coordinates within that range (see picture below); then you will select the preferred jixel.

The assignment can be done also by choosing a jixel from the list of jixels of the user’ s PSAP (see picture below).

Once the jixel is selected you need to click on “Associa” to proceed with the association. You will have to choose if you want to maintain the coordinates already in the jixel or to use the coordinates of the image:

Each time a jixel is selected, its referred location is shown on the map (see the following picture).

If you want to associate the image to an existing jixel, an update message will be generated.

If you want to associate the photo to a new jixel you need to click on “Nuovo”, then you will have to insert data about the new message.