We have implemented a series of filters and search options so that the CAP Viewer is able to display messages matching specific criteria.

With the “PSAP” filter the user can display messages belonging to certain PSAPs. In particular, he can use the appropriate drop down list to select one of the PSAP in the list or all of them, or use the multiple selection function in order to choose more than one PSAP.

Messages can be filtered according to the state of the incident. The drop down list allows to select one state or to use the multiple selection function in order to be able to display messages with different states.

It is also possible filter messages by date, simply selecting a specific date from the calendar.

Search functionalities allow the user to type in the message subject or address in order to show only messages matching the search result. View following pictures:
The “Advanced Search” allow to perform searches based on:

  • CAP number
  • Incident number
  • Headline