Tomorrow, 31 March, the Activity 4 Project Meeting of the I_HeERO project will be held in Lisbon, Portugal. The project (Infrastructure Harmonised eCall European Pilot) aims at the development of the infrastructure needed for the implementation of the eCall service. The Activity 4, “Data Integration”, deals with the integration of the data exchanged between the different actors during an eCall. During the meeting, the deliverable related to the identification of the functional and operational requirements for eCall data generated by private services, also called “TPS” and exchanged with PSAPs (Public Safety Access Points), focusing in particular on the use of an open source standard, called “CAP” (Common Alerting Protocol). This standard is widely used globally for emergency-related information exchange. Moreover, it is important for I_HeERO the complete compliancy with the EN 16102 standard (Intelligent transport systems. eCall. Operating requirements for third party support).

IES Solutions, member of the I_HeERO project and one of the main contributors in Activity 4, will be represented by Uberto Delprato, CEO of IES.


WhatI_HeERO Activity 4 Project Meeting

When: 31/03/2017

Where: GMV, Lisbon, Portugal

More info (I_HeERO website)