As technical coordinator of the EU FP7 Project IDIRA, IES will participate to the Large Scale Exercises, aimed at the validation of the developed tools in real-world scenarios. The Exercises, focused on the 3 different real-world scenarios Pandemic, Flood and Fire/Earthquake, will be held in Austria, Germany and Greece, with the active participation of a large numbers of stakeholders. Both internal end users, belonging to the IDIRA consortium (Austrian and German Red Cross, Italian Fire Brigades, Hellenic Ministry of Defense, etc.), and external GOs and NGOs organizations from different countries will be involved.

Exercises schedule:
– Pandemic scenario, Wels (Austria), 13-14 September 2014
– Flood scenario, Dresden and Görlitz (Germany), 3-4 October 2014
– Fire/Earthquake scenario, Skaramanga Naval Base, Athens (Greece), 25-26 November 2014