During the last months, IES Solutions has been involved in the activities of an ad-hoc working group set up by BAPCO (the British Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials) for defining the new protocol for data interoperability between Emergency Agencies in the United Kingdom.
A first version of the schema of the so-called MAIT (Multi Agency Incident Transfer) has been drafted and its potential improvements and trials are being discussed.
During the recent meetings in Swindon (May) and Moreton-in-Marsh (July), IES Solutions brought into the discussion its experience in deploying the system used by the Italian National Fire Service for data interoperability all over Italy. Moreover, the discussions carried on within the ESENET project were used as a basis for better structure the needs of a fully operational MAIT.
IES Solutions has also participated to the US/UK Interoperabilty Commission Workshop and working Group held during the last week of July 2014 in London.