The Kick Off of the EO4EU platform will take place in Athens on 29 and 30 June. During the session, engineer Uberto Delprato will illustrate the prevention and response activities to disasters and calamities using the data set acquired from Earth observation in Italy.

The EO4EU platform will make Earth Observation (EO) data more accessible than ever, providing an integrated artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem with enhanced user interfaces for EO services and data through extended reality. EO4EU will provide innovative approaches and innovative methodologies to access and process Earth observation data. It is a research project funded by the Community of the European Union that provides tools to support the adoption and accessibility of environmental observation information at a European and global level.

In this project, IES Solution will collaborate with other partners:

The project promotes pre-operational European services such as DestinE and will use platforms and services through the use of innovative technologies.

For more information on the subject, visit the project page